Companies have expanded over the past decades due to the emergence of digital platforms as a means of doing business. The reason for this business expansion was the increasing consumer demand because of the easier accessibility of products and services in the online world. Hence, to be able to meet the growing requirements from consumers, it is critical for businesses to use the proper online tools and applications to boost their productivity.  


According to a survey by McKinsey, the companies who fully engage with these online applications increased the worker’s job productivity by 20 to 25 percent. In their opinion, these collaboration tools had a significant impact on their businesses since it helped them reduce the time spent on unnecessary and repetitive tasks. It also enabled them to make critical decisions early, improve their team cohesion and problem-solving skills, and accomplish more work without compromising its quality.  

To help other businesses as well, listed below are some of the top online tools which help boost work productivity.  



Slack is one of the fastest-growing online collaboration tools. It operates using channels, branded as hashtags, to help track conversations and stay organized. Businesses usually use one channel per project to avoid mixing up discussions.

 Slack also offers various features including the following:  

  • Stores all conversations and channels
  • Sends a message to anyone – an individual, a group of people, or the entire team
  • Supports video chats and voice calls
  • Allows attachment of files per channel

The good thing about Slack is that it also has an available phone application. This way, the tool will be more accessible to anyone, anywhere.  



Chanty offers the same services with that of other online tools. It features instant messaging, file sharing, video calls, and unlimited history searching. What makes Chanty unique, however, is its ability to predict a person’s response time based on a specific algorithm. It enables the sender to avoid constantly checking for replies.  



InVision, a design collaboration platform, is recommended for marketing and advertising teams. This application allows users to upload their designs as interactive prototypes including all the animations, gestures, and transitions. Upon uploading, colleagues are then given the opportunity to provide instant feedback in the form of comments.  

 Engaging in this platform leads to easier and faster decision-making with regards to the creation of creative contents.  




Trello is one of the most famous project-management tools. Through the use of team boards and individual task cards (in the form of Post-It notes), it is easier for teams to track their progress and organize their project tasks. This tool also has unique offerings such as checklists, attachment areas, labeling features, and due date checkboxes. Cards can also be easily moved around, edited, and deleted as a way to mirror real-time updates.  



GanttPRO is a software which helps create Gantt charts. This software is helpful for those businesses which require detailed project planning and tracking. Aside from this main feature, GanttPRO also offers a variety of collaboration tools including the following: 

  • Assigning tasks to team members
  • Progress tracking
  • File attachments
  • Real-time communication inside task boards

The excellent thing about this tool is that the Gantt chart made can easily be exported as an offline copy. Therefore, it is more convenient for businesses to present their project timelines and details to stakeholders.  


Online collaboration tools narrow the distance between employees. It is now easier to work with other people since these platforms enable real-time communication and more organized working spaces. These often lead to reduced wasted times, improved team communication, and increased the ability to work simultaneously on projects.  

 With all of these in mind, it is recommended to start boosting your business’ productivity through these online tools and rest assured that your workflow will definitely improve in no time.  





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