Mentorship is probably one the best ways to grow as a business professional. However, not a lot of people realize the potential benefits of having a mentor in your life. Hence, a lot of people do not make concerted efforts to find one. They think that they can make do without mentors, and while it is indeed possible to succeed in the business world without relying on a mentor, it is unnecessarily complicated. 


It is true that finding a mentor can be difficult, as not everyone has the characteristics of a good mentor. Mentorship also requires a significant amount of commitment from both the mentor and the mentee. However, a mentor can provide you with several benefits that can give you an edge over others. 


Valuable Information 

The most significant benefit of being connected with a mentor is having access to precious information about the industry. Information can be a source of power, and many people are careful not to share too much information with others.  


An experienced businessperson might be part of inner circles within the industry, so having one as a mentor can indirectly give you access to information that might be extremely hard to obtain through other means. For example, you may get to know more about key industry players, market movements, and other relevant events that can affect your business soon. 

 Mentors can also share career opportunities with you. They might know about specific conferences, seminar, and fairs where you can learn more about your industry and build your professional network.  

 Specifically, they can give you a curated list of events that have been proven to be worth the time and money. In addition, mentors can also help you get the most out of attending these events by helping you prepare questions and decide which people to seek out. 


Encouragement And Motivation 

Mentors can be an authoritative source of inspiration, often because they have already achieved a certain level of success in the respective fields. To reach where they are now, they would have first accumulated a lot of experiences in handling various business scenarios.  

 They would already have experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with everyday business operations. Having someone with such experience in your life can inspire you; if other people can reach such high levels of success in the business world, then so can you.  



Mature people in business would have already established extensive professional networks. Having people like that as mentors can give you access to these exclusive networks, as mentors are usually willing to introduce you to colleagues and other professionals.  


Without a mentor, it would take considerably more time to build a professional network, mainly since you will be limited only to the people you have already encountered. Also, your mentor will be able to provide you with practical advice on how to network within the industry. It is always an excellent idea to cultivate your professional network, and having a network can help you grow your network at an accelerated pace.  


Career Development 

Within the business world, it might be hard to set targets when it comes to career development. Should you build your technical skills first, or should you focus on getting roles that teach more about management? Should you shell out money to take a specific certification course, or would informal training suffice?  


The nitty-gritty details of career development can easily confuse anyone, but having a mentor can give you a clearer perspective with regards to the options available to you. Ultimately, having a mentor will speed up your development as a business professional. 



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