I used to be a friendly and outgoing young woman.  But the moment I entered the world of entrepreneurship, it turned me into a caveman.  I disengaged, cut my ties with my friends.  I become the harsh lady boss, feared by my employees.

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The stress of competition in the market can turn you into a monster master.  I always want to be ahead, and at my best that I won’t allow a single flaw to happen, that can knock my business down.

But I found out that stress is not doing me any good physically, and is also affecting my employees’ performance.  My counselor advised me to try to slow down and see what difference it would do if I don’t stress myself too much.

Get Back To Being Friendly

I reconnect with my friends, and I feel happy about it.  Women friends are indeed the best weapon against stress. I feel lighter and calmer.

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Our friends give us the encouragement we need, remind us who we are when we are not the boss running a company, lift us when we feel down, calm us when storms of life come to ruin us.

A study says that the more friend you have, the less likely for you to develop an illness, have anxiety, and develop physical weakening as you age.  Living a joyful and meaningful life boost health and well-being.  With lesser friends around to cheer you up, the higher your chance of developing anxiety and depression, picking up smoking and drinking habits, and getting sick.  Having no confidants, no one to talk to when you’re in trouble is detrimental to your health.

Reaching Out To Your Employees

Who says you can’t be friends with your employees?  When your employees do not feel tensed being around you, they can think more creatively.   They can open up to you quickly and could suggest and advice you on how they can improve their productivity and efficiency.

Arranging a team building activity is an excellent way to relieve stress and to know your employees better.  You are boosting their morale and making them feel that you value their contribution to your business growth.  The happier your employees with the way you treat them, the more they will be loyal to the company and to the boss they are serving.


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Competition Can Be Healthy

It’s time to change the concept and rule of the game.  With the advancement in technology, the evolution of the internet, and preoccupation with smartphones, business people must evolve, too.  Don’t go back to the ancient practice of our caveman ancestors, where tyranny is the only approach they know to make those people below them adhere to what they want to happen.

Running a business and living up to competition can be done in a calm, friendly, and healthy manner.  You don’t need to stress and drain yourself out.   There’s no need to shout at or intimidate people around you.   There’s no need to cut ties with people who matter to you.

It’s lonely on top when you’re alone.   Victory is sweeter when you have a lot of people to share your success with.


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