Perhaps your business psychologist already told you a couple of times that successful people share the same psychological trait. The particular concept supports a growth mindset. It is a term that defines those people who believe that skills and intelligence in any field get developed through effort. It supports nurture in people’s abilities concerning the personal scope of specialization. In the inverse concept, there is a fixed mindset. It is where people believe that skills and intelligence is something that fortunate individuals are born to have. These people think that there is no room for change and that knowledge, talent, and skills, are fixed from birth.


The Best Mindset For Success

Though the growth mindset shows and supports a positive outcome, it is not magic. Meaning, it will not allow individuals to get what they want out of life based on their preference and standards. However, it is capable of showing people what they are capable of in terms of handling things around their world. Meaning, it can significantly help in improving one’s potential success. The truth is, all of us are in a state where a mixture of growth and fixed mindset exist. And in some sectors of our lives, we sometimes operate with a fixed mindset and in other instance with our growth mindset. If you notice, both of the mindsets can work together depending on the situation. But it is relevant to note that these two sets are not sharing equality on each case. With that, it is safe to assume that some people are more into using their growth mindset while others focus on their fixed one.

Why Choose Growth Mindset

A lot of people believe that people with a growth mindset tend to become more successful than those individuals with a fixed mindset. That is because these positive individuals are more resilient, which allows them to receive a higher chance of overcoming life challenges. And because people with a growth mindset prioritize learning over failure under challenging situations, they are not afraid to take the risk. They are unafraid of doing something new because these persons prioritize growing over stagnation. Unlike those people with a fixed mindset who often avoids challenges and look at failure as an assault, growth mindset creates more opportunity. It does not define the lack of knowledge as stupidity but rather an indication that individuals should transform. The growth mindset is an excellent representation of realism because of the better chance of living under reality. It supports truer and concrete decisions based on experience, information, and research. It does not stick to a delusional state where there is no room for improvement.


Business Reality

In most entrepreneurs’ mindset, two things often happen. One is the acceptance of the long journey and learning from it, and the other is the acceptance of quitting on the long journey. The decisions lie when people start in their entrepreneurial drive and suddenly encounter a roadblock. The ones with a fixed mindset will focus on what is ahead of them – the result. But due to the problematic barrier, the persons decide to quit. However, those people with a growth mindset tend to embrace the long path. They try to accept that the journey is what matters. These people endure the struggle in their way and think of it as their teacher that will mold them to become the person they need to be. As with that, the benefits would be achieving the results these individuals desire. That is because there are persistence and perseverance.



We all know that a business takes time, effort, and strategy to survive. However, a lot of us often find it difficult to incorporate that kind of mentality into better use. But if we are responsible enough to change our mindset for good, we will soon develop a higher chance of obtaining success. If there is an understanding of the possibility of growth and learning, it will also improve our analysis, problem-solving skills, and decision-making capabilities. The act of allowing ourselves to become more productive will help our brain to function more adequately. So instead of thinking about failure and getting scared over it, we should focus on processes over results. This way, we won’t have to pay attention to the outcome of what we do, but rather appreciate our effort towards doing something for it. Yes, we can never determine what will happen tomorrow. But the willingness to learn and grow will validate our sense purpose.


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