Knowing COTEMAR Mexico early on in life is a great thing. In case you have not heard of it before, you should know that it is a company in South America that has the means to serve everyone’s needs. After all, they have tackled food, logistics, construction, and transportation already. These are some of the services available to the employees whose work at the sea prevents them from staying on the land often.

Company History

In 1979, a conglomerate of people in business created the Cotemar S.A. de C.V. Their main intention was to offer lodging and restaurant facilities that could ease up the lives of the laborers as they could not access the luxuries that being out of the water could provide. In addition to that, at such an early time, the corporation already possessed several utility vessels that were able to transport humans, equipment, and various supplies that workers might require.

Six years after its foundation, Cotemar opened up a floating hotel which was completed with the right elements to deliver the highest quality of amenities to their clients. As the business continued to progress, they had to obtain more water vehicles to cater to the needs of the people.

A more significant form of success came to the company by 1996. It was the year when Cotemar started implementing changes to the list of services that they offered to cover other parts of the industry. These transformations allowed the corporation to build different structures on water, such as Atlantis, PSSs, and Hibernia. They also garnered bigger and better vessels that were equipped with cranes and could quickly move a wide range of materials from sea to land, or vice versa.



The three ultimate services that Cotemar can provide comprise of hospitality, logistics, and construction services. More than that, they give immediate assistance to other boats or ships that send distress signals, as well as manage the structures for diverse companies. This company is capable of doing the latter mainly because they have liners too that possess a GPS and a select crew of people who are experts at marine navigation.

How Cotemar Stays On Top Of The Game

Despite a large number of employees working for the corporation, Cotemar fares well because each of them understands the core values that the proprietors have created at the beginning. Such ideals enable the workers to function harmoniously in the office or the actual facilities as they motivate one another to give their best to the job and face any difficulty with a positive outlook.

Final Thoughts


Cotemar is one of those companies that represent that you can do a lot of things and be successful. I am sure it was not easy for them at first, especially since other bigwigs all over the world offer similar services. However, they stuck with what they knew and are now earning the fruits of their hard work.

It goes to show that every determined business people can succeed wherever they come from.


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