In the food and beverage industry, several manufacturers end up needing to foreclose their plants because the demand for their products is not too high. However, there is a continuous need for the items that the OSI Group puts out in the market. Because of that, it does not come as a surprise that the said company has been standing for over 60 years now.

What Is OSI Group?

OSI Group is a manufacturing company that processes meat products daily. The first establishment was opened by Otto Kolschowsky, a German family man who immigrated to the United States in 1909. The fresh meat that they delivered to the local market garnered the loyalty of their consumers. It even came to the point that many people from other areas wanted to see them. After eight long years, Otto was allowed to create Otto & Sons, the expanded version of his old meat store and was left unseen at the time.

With the name of this company, they started endorsing their meat processing to services that required their products. One of the biggest clients of Otto & Sons remains to be McDonald’s. When the latter succeeded, they had not forgotten to bring along the others with them. For this reason, even when the firm changed its name to OSI Group, being a meat supplier for Subway, KFC, and other fast-food chains was a dream come true for many.



The company does not have a lot of complex ideals. They place a high value on their ability to perform their responsibilities in society, the environment, and the consumers. According to Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, these uplift their business conducts and encourage them to stand behind a pioneering institution that may not be slowing down in the future.


Why does the OSI Group have a lot of people believing in them? It is due to the deep understanding of its leaders that every customer has a different cut of meat that they need. Hence, this company makes sure that they have all the machinery ready in case the client asks for specific meet slices.

As it is apparent from their previous work with McDonald’s, their specialty is the creation of high-quality burger parties that a significant number of individuals like. OSI Group merchandise goes through a series of processes to make sure that the frozen meat is at the right temperature. The meat undergoes the scrumptious marinating process as well, while the packaging procedure that the foods go through keeps the meat secured and airless.

Since OSI Group is a meat supplier for convenience stores as well, they also have food invention experts who are highly capable of generating new dishes that their customers need.

Future Of The Company


OSI Group has global expansion written in their plans in the future. The company has already started by acquiring Baho Food, a food manufacturing institution that offers snacks, fruits, and various products to convenience shops in over 17 locations in Europe.


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